Simple solutions can be life-changing

dooiy makes them accessible.

We are developing the first open sharing do-it-yourself platform with and for people in underserved communities.

Man making biochar

Christian from dooiy DE

Too much valuable knowledge remains hidden - we want to provide a platform to make it easily accessible for all.


a source of knowledge that has the power to improve even the poorest living conditions and is open to everyone, really everyone.

Access to simple innovations like water filters, vertical gardens or solar lamps would empower more than 2 billion people to change their lives for the better. The internet offers a huge opportunity to make this vision a reality.

Every day, 500,000 new users gain access to the internet. Unfortunately, many of them do not find relevant solutions to their daily challenges here so far.

An estimated 99% of the content on popular do-it-yourself platforms is not relevant for people who, e.g. live without electricity, sanitation facilities or other basic infrastructure.

We want to change that. Join us and support our mission.

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What we do

dooiy publishes detailed instructions and business models that are relevant to people in underserved communities and doable with local resources.

We are

By building a community, we empower people to help each other and co-create new solutions.

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Our goal

is that everyone with a smartphone can easily use dooiy.

That’s why the app is free of charge, consumes little data, is battery-friendly and intuitive to use. In the near future, we will allow offline use, support low-literate users and provide community translations in many languages. Prior knowledge, extensive tools or expensive building materials are not required.

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Who we are

We are a young non-profit organisation from Germany with a passionate team in Berlin and South Africa.

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dooiy founders Marlene and Christian organizing a workshop
  • The dooiy project is supported by
  • German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action
  • Impact Factory