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My Flow Grow

Vertical and water-efficient gardening system

Done in 120mins
Skill level basic

With My Flow Grow, you can easily grow plants in your garden. Easy to use, affordable, and achievable for everyone. Transform your garden into a green oases and enjoy fresh herbs, colourful flowers, or juicy vegetables right at your doorstep. Bring nature in your garden and let your creativity flourish. Gardening – the easy way to grow your flow!

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Authors · Mikhail, Annika, Akhona, Jamie-Leigh, Yara, Jade, Helene, Lisann

What you need

How you make it

Find a suitable place for The Flow Grow

half shade, enough space around, sheltered from the wind.

Cut the wire mesh and relate it to the size of the bucket

Cut the plastic sheet

Make it a bit bigger than the wire mesh so you can wrap the end around.

Cut the fabric

Same size as the wire mesh

Connect the 3 layers

Use the cutter and the cable ties. Your plastic sheet should be wrapped around the upper end of your wire mesh.

Put the tire on the ground at your chosen place

Dig a hole inside of your tire

The top of the bucket needs just to be as high as the tire. Put the bucket into the hole.

Wrap the wire mesh around the bucket in the hole and connect the ends with the cable ties

Knot your old fabric to a ca. 1,50m long string

Cut a hole in the middle of the lid of your bucket

Pass the string through the hole of your lid

Cut a hole in the side of the lid

Pass the pipe through the three layers of your tower into the hole of your lid

Place the lid on your bucket. The pipe should reach the bottom of your bucket.

If you have fabric left, place it on the lid

It keeps the soil more moist

Mix your soil, sand and compost

Hold the string while filling up your Flow Grow Tower

From time to time compress the soil with your hands. Fill it up till the top.

Put some little holes in the bottom of your 5-liter bottle

Fill your 5-liter bottle with organic waste

Place the filled bottle on top of your tower

Wrap the string around. Fill it with water. Close it with the lid.

Fill the bucket with water through the pipe

If needed use a funnel You can see if the bucket is full when the water comes out of the pipe again#

Cut some little pockets into the tower and make individual space for your seedlings

The plants have to reach the soil. Bigger plants can be placed on the top next to your water bottle. Take care that all of your plants have enough space and sunlight to grow easily.


Water the bottle every week. Water the bucket if empty. Enjoy your home-grown vegetables
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