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Homemade laundry detergent

Safe money and make your own free liquid laundry detergent. The detergent is made from wood ash and works really well for coloured cloths. Add the fragrance that you love most.

Done in 15 minutes + waiting time
Skill level easy

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What you need

How you make it

Sieve the Wood Ash

Sieve the ash into a clean bucket or bowl. After sieving you should have 4 cups of fine ash.

Wear a mask to protect your lungs from the dust. Wear gloves or don’t touch the ash to protect your skin.

Add water to the ash

Measure 9 cups of water. Pour the water onto the ash.

Stir the ash water

Use a stick or a large spoon.

Let the ash water sit for 24 hours

Stir it once in a while.

We put the ash-water mixture in a bottle so you can see how it settles. Let all the ash settle to the bottom of the bucket/bottle before you filter it.

Filter the ash water

Use the funnel and a double folded kitchen towel or a paper coffee filter for this. Fabrics could also be used but must be dense.

Pour the water into the filter carefully so that the ash does not get into the filter with it.

Optional: Add the fragrance of your choice

e.g. lemon

Your detergent is ready to use now!

The detergent is transparent and slightly yellow. There are no black pieces in it anymore. Label the bottle with today’s date.


How you use it

Mix your detergent with water

Use between half a cup and a cup of the liquid for your laundry. Don’t be surprised: The water will be very soapy but does not develop foam. Foam is not necessary to clean cloths. Look at this!

Better use gloves for washing as the detergent might irritate your skin.

Use up the detergent within 2-3 months

If you don’t have a fridge or cannot keep it cool, use it up faster.

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