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Multifarming Shelf

Garden with style

Done in 2 hours
Skill level basic

How about trying the new generation of gardening with this fancy multifarming shelf? It offers you various arrangements of low budget gardening types which will make your shack surrounding look much cozier and supply you with fresh veggies. You can combine the interior design to your personal preference and skill level. It is adaptable to the amount of space you have around your shack. Just start with a small edition and extend it as far as you wish!

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What you need



How you make it

Lay out frames

Lay two of the XL and two of the L wooden poles in a rectangle on the ground. Put the two L poles above the two XL poles. The distance between the connection points must be:

a. 1.6m for the long side b. 1.2m for the short side

Build frames

The connection points should be in the middle of the woods. The ends of the connection point should stick out 5cm on every side.

Now fixate each corner with a nail due to the help of a hammer and repeat the steps 1-3 for a second frame.

Connecting frames

Connect the two frames with each other. Therefore, place them next to each other (short side down). Now place the S pole on the sticking out part of the L pole and locate it in the middle so that the connection points are 50cm apart from each other. Hammer it carefully to the frame.

Tipp: To prevent it from slipping away lean the whole construction against a stable wall or place a strong foot behind the standing frame construction.

Now repeat on all corners.


Knot two pieces of wire around the two upper connection points of the back frame of the structure.

Like this:

Twist the wires around themselves, then tension the wires to their diagonal connection point at the bottom. Take a friend and pull simultaneously on both wires. Focus on trying to keep the frame as rectangular as possible.

Now knot the wires around the connection points and twist them around themselves like you did before. Be sure to keep the wire long enough and clip it afterwards.

Repeat at the two sides next to the back and in the roof.

Adding shelves

For the shelves add S wood to the side of the vertical woods with nails.

Get M woods and hammer a nail into each end (do not hammer it completely through the wood).

Place them on the S woods as a hanging rack on their own or together in a distance you wish.

For example, enough to hold a lying 2l bottle or wide enough to carry a bucket. You decide!

Now tie wire around the ends with the nail and the S wood. Like that you can always untie it and remove or relocate the wood.

Find a Spot

Look for a place in your property/garden with good conditions for your plants. Place the shelf there and cover the bottom woods from rain or put it on bricks/stones to elevate it. Like that it will not get in contact with water and last long.

Shelving system

You can combine the interior design of the shelf to your personal preference. Horizontal poles can be used for hanging the plastic bottles or for carrying them. Vertical poles can separate the interior into a shelving and a hanging area. Heavy plants are well located in the lower part of the shelf while small and light plants can be placed in the upper areas.

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