Village Boy P

Afro fusion artist

Village Boy P is an afro fusion artist from a village in Glen-Cowie Ga-Sekhukhune South Africa. He is currently based in Berlin, Germany as a rapper, singer, and song writer and creates music with a unique fusion of Hip Hop, Afrobeat and Pop which he defines as Urban Afro music. He defines himself as an urban and modern but never too far from African musical roots, which emerges from the South African dance culture, which is Amapiano, and the African sounds of, Lazarus Kgagudi and Steve Kekana, Fela Kuti and Ismael Lo.

Because of his love of music, Village Boy has created a self-made Boom Box in collaboration with dooiy, which he calls the Lenyora by Nature Boom Box. The boom Box provides a good sound, easy to make and very useful when one is under resourced!

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