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Meet Michael Kehinde Osatuyi

Healthy ingredients to run a community kitchen

Portrait of Michael Kehinde Osatuyi

To prepare a “lekker” meal, it takes only a few ingredients. When Michael Osatuyi embarked on his journey as a social entrepreneur, his recipe for success included a deep love for people, a commitment to sharing and caring and a strong will to change things to the better for the most vulnerable.

Upon arriving in South Africa in 2018, Michael pursued studies in forensic science for 18 months but struggled to find employment. The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 presented new challenges, demanding creativity for survival. Using his last resources, he began making sandwiches to provide for the homeless. This act of kindness led him to connect with the Community Action Network (CAN) and volunteer at their community kitchen, where an astounding 200 to 300 people were served daily.

Plate with food

The pandemic went down, as did funding for this project. But Michael did not give up. He established the Muizenberg Community Kitchen, which processes freshly harvested vegetables from the local Muizenberg community garden and sources ingredients from other nearby suppliers, thereby supporting the local economy. Moreover, he started the Мuiz Coin, a local currency with value of 15 SA Rand, that can be used to buy food at the kitchen as well as give the coin to someone in need.

Alongside the bakery, coffee and juice bar, he expanded his offerings to include catering, affordable community lunches and dinners, school meal programs, and the sale of vegetable boxes. Furthermore, his team operates a zero-waste store.

But that’s not all. The Community Kitchen also provides:

  • A bicycle delivery service for meals and compost collection.
  • Collection of recyclables.
  • Empowerment programs for volunteers, preparing them for future employment.
  • An incubator program called Youth4Change.
  • Assistance for homeless individuals.
zero-waste shelf

Today, the kitchen serves as a hub for diverse learning, sharing, and personal growth.

Michael’s ultimate vision is to spread his idea to other communities. Particularly with regards to the Muiz Coins, he envisions their recognition as a valid currency in various spaces. On one hand, people can earn coins by engaging in community services such as street clean-ups, garden work, and collecting recyclable goods. On the other hand, the coins can be used to access wholesome and fresh meals in community kitchens throughout the region.

Become an enabler

Necessity often sparks ingenuity, and sometimes it brings together selfless individuals committed to building a sustainable and better future for all.

The MuizKitchen is operated entirely by volunteers without hierarchy. Please support it with your donation on GivenGain.

Find more information and all contacts on their dooiy profile page.


All images provided by MuizKitchen. Photo credits: P. Smith Aesthetics

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