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Cardboard chair and table

Make fancy furniture from cardboard.

Done in 6 hours
Skill level medium

The seat can withstand a maximum load of 60 kg.

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1516 Green Energy Technology

Authors · Le Vu Cuong, Hoang Minh Ngoc

What you need

How you make it

Draw the dimensions of the chair and table legs compactly on the cardboard

In total, you will need 32 chair legs and 32 table legs.

Note: The unit on the drawing is mm.

Cut out the legs of the table and chair from cardboard

Use a cutter.

Make the chair and table tops

Draw a circle like shown on the cardboard. Cut it out with the cutter.



Note: If you do not have a large compass to draw a circle, you can use a fixed nail in the center of the circle, connect the nail with a wire with length exactly equal to the radius of the circle. Connect the wire to the pen, then rotate the pen in an even circle around the center to draw a circle.

Prepare the table and chair top

Draw 2 perpendicular lines through the center of the circle. Then bisect the arcs formed by the 2 perpendicular lines.

Continue to divide the smaller arcs until there are 32 straight lines corresponding to 32 positions for 32 table legs and chair legs. In the end, your table top and your chair top have to look like this:

Make 3 discs from cardboard for stabilization

Make 3 round discs for the table and 3 round discs for the chair with the radius as shown in the pictures.

Place the discs at the center of your table top and chair top and copy lines

Continue to draw the dividing lines from the table top so that the 3 round discs will be devided into 32 equal parts as shown in the picture. Repeat it with the 3 discs of the top of the chair.

Cut slits into the discs

The width of the slit has to be equal to the thickness of the cardboard.

Glue the table/chair legs to the table/chair surface and assemble the discs

Use glue, respectively, to fix 32 table legs and chair legs to the table surface according to the drawn line.

Insert the discs into the legs.

Enjoy yourself!

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