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Moss Air Purifier

Breathe clean.

Done in 3 hours
Skill level medium

This affordable moss air purifier is an innovative solution designed specifically for urban settings battling smog. The device harnesses the natural air-purifying properties of moss to create a healthier environment for you and your family. The moss air purifier absorbs harmful gases and particles and converts them into oxygen. It is made to be used in small homes.

⚠ Caution! This hack involves electrical parts. Only attempt if you have electrical expertise.

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1516 Green Energy Technology

Author · Le Vu Cuong

What you need

  1. Ceramic cylindrical vase 20cm in diameter, 10cm high - you can also use cheaper material of the same size
  2. Power cord with switch
  3. Plastic tube 9 cm in diameter, 16 cm high
  4. Computer fan Dimensions: 120x120x25mm, Voltage: 12V, Power: 0.16 A±10%, Power consumption: 1.92 W ±10%, Fan speed: 1200 rpm.±10% - you can find it in old discarded computers
  5. Glass or transparent plastic cylindrical vase 20cm in diameter, 10cm high - to make it as cheap as possible you can e.g. cut it out of plastic packaging
  6. Moss Find it e.g. in a nearby forest
  7. Plastic ring 20cm in diameter
  8. Drill
  9. Electrical tape
  10. LED driver Power: 1W to 36W, Input voltage: AC 86V-265V, Output voltage: 2V-14V (1W-3W), 12V-25V (4W-7W), 45V-65V (8W-12W) - you can find it in broken LED lights or buy it on the market

Tip to make the device cheaper: Instead of using a ceramic and glass vases, you can also use a sturdy plastic bottle or a similar container with a diameter of 20 cm that you cut in half. This alternative eliminates the need for a power drill as well.

How you make it

Drill a hole in your vase

Use a power drill to make a hole in the bottom of your vase. The hole has to be in the centre and should have a diameter of 8 mm. If you use a planting pot, it will already have a hole. Ensure that the base is positioned about 3 to 5mm above the ground.

Connect the LED driver and computer fan

Connect LED driver and computer fan as the picture. Note that the input of the LED driver is 220v, the output is 12v. The positive pole (red wire) of the computer fan connects to the positive pole of the LED driver, the negative pole of the computer fan (black or blue wire) connects to the negative pole of the LED driver. Use electrical tape to cover the connections for safety.

Prepare the plastic tube

Make holes in the plastic tube like seen in the picture.

Put the fan and led driver into the plastic tube and place it in the vase. Note that the power cord has to be threaded underneath through the hole at the bottom of the vase.

Connect the power cord

Thread the cables from the LED driver through the hole at the bottom of the vase and connect them to the power cable, as shown in the picture. Use electrical tape to cover the connections for safety.

Prepare the moss

Select a medium amount of moss. You can use any type of moss, but it is recommended to choose a drought-tolerant variety to minimize daily care.

Prepare the glass or transparent plastic vase

Drill holes with a diameter of 4mm following the pattern shown in the picture. You can drill additional holes to allow for more air to be drawn through the moss. Afterwards, place the moss inside the vase.

Put the moss inside the vase

Put the vase with moss on the ceramic vase

How you use it

Place the moss air purifier in your home

You can position the moss air purifier in any area of your home, but it’s important to choose a spot with indirect natural light. Moss requires natural light for photosynthesis, but it’s sensitive to strong light such as direct sunlight.

Turn on the switch

Only use the moss air purifier while you are at home.

Taking care of the moss

Spray a little bit of water on the moss daily. It’s important to avoid directly watering of the moss, as this could damage the electrical components underneath and pose a fire and explosion risk.

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Our idea is simple yet effective: moss cultures have the unique ability to filter pollutants from the air by binding them to their leaves and converting them into oxygen. The Moss Air Purifier can remove up to 98% of harmful gases and particulate matter (like CO2, CO, NO2, VOCs, PM10, and PM2.5), while increasing oxygen levels. It’s a cost-effective and space-efficient solution, providing the benefits of 30 air-purifying plants in one. We tested the device in a lab in Korea.

Making and using at own risk.

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