Biochar from water hyacinths. Turning a threat into an opportunity

Water hyacinths are a fast growing weed that has invaded water bodies all over Africa and Asia. The dense plant covers on lakes and rivers block harbours, make fishing impossible and choke any aquatic life below. An economic, social and ecological catastrophe. We are working with affected communities across Africa, to turn the weed into biochar. If you want to start a biochar business in your community, contact us for support.

Waterhyacinths at lake Tana in Kenya

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What Char2Cool does

Biochar serves as a lasting carbon sink, aiding in the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere. Our team imparts expertise on both the production and application of biochar. Local partners manage the production and distribute the biochar locally as a soil enhancer. The utilization of biochar enhances soil fertility and resilience to drought. Through the integration of income generation with climate protection, we’ve established a self-sustaining model for sustainable development.

Char2Cool is a non-profit organisation under German Law.

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