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Bokashi compost and fertilizer - home edition

Bokashi compost is a great and easy way to turn kitchen scraps into a very good soil, even if you have only very little space available for gardening. The best thing: you can put almost everything organic on this kind of compost and do not have to worry about rats. The compost is ready after only one month! The only disadvantage: it smells a bit.

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AAVF - African Association for Vertical Farming

Author · Peter Nyateng

What you need

How you make it

Start collecting food scraps

Start collecting organic materials for your bokashi compost and put it into your bowl or yoghurt pot. You can use peels, cooked food scraps or some leaves. If you do not have food scraps you can also ask street food vendors or restaurants. Never mix it with plastic foils or other non-organic materials.

Every time your collection pot is full, put the content into the bucket

Compress the content of the bucket well, e.g. using the pot.

The process of fermentation in bokashi is anaerobic. That means it does not require oxygen. You have to compress everything well.

Spray the surface with your effective microorganisms

Use a spray bottle to apply the microorganism liquid. If you have put a bit of whey onto your scraps. Close the bucket with the lid. Never leave your bokashi bucket open!

When the bucket is full, compress it again and put it aside.

Do not place the bucket in the sun. Go on with the collection of food scraps in your second bucket

After 14 days mix the content of the bucket with soil

Mix it half half with soil you have. The soil you mix it with, does not have to be good. It can also be very sandy.

After another 14 days the mixture turned into soil

You can now use it directly for planting. Be careful: it is still very strong. That means you should not apply it directly to the roots of your vegetables.


Good soil is a very valuable resource. You can use this hack to make fertilizer for your own veggie garden but of course you can also use it to start a business.

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