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Effective Microorganisms

The perfect organic fertilizer.

Done in 3 weeks
Skill level easy

Yes, the name of this hack already sounds very difficult. But effective microorganisms are a must-have for every vegetable garden. You can not only use it as a very good fertilizer but also need it to make Bokashi, a very fast compost in little spaces. As the name says, it is very effective and you only need very little of it.

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AAVF - African Association for Vertical Farming

Author · Peter Nyateng

What you need


How you make it

Put the rice in the bowl and add fresh water

Stir the rice in the water until the water turns milky

Carefully pour off the water so that the rice remains as sediment.

Pour off the water into the jar.

Cover the milky water with a paper.

You can also use a light fabric or a part of a mosquito net. Attach it with a rubber band.

Put the jar with water to the nearest garden.

This is done to collect macro from air. Put it into the shade and do not expose it to direct sunlight. If you do not have a shady place in your garden, you can also place it inside your house in a dark cool spot.

After 7 days pour the liquid from the jar into the big jar or plastic bottle

This can also be a milk container. Be careful not to pour of the sediments. Mix it with the milk.

Cover the top with paper or cloth and allow it to ferment for another 7-14 days.

A brown solid is formed at the top due to fermentation.

Remove the curd.

The curd can be mixed with garlic for tasty treat for your animals.

Add a tea spoon of brown sugar into the liquid and stir

Store for up to a year in a cool and dry place.

How to use it

Dilute the liquid and spray it on your plants

Use the ratio of 1:1000. That means take 20ml of the effective microorganism liquid on 20 liters of water. Spray it on your garden.

Use your effective mircoorganisms to start a bokashi compost

Bokashi compost is a very good way to start a compost even if you have only very little space available for gardening. The good thing: you can put almost everything organic in this kind of compost and do not have to worry about rats. Find the instruction for bokashi compost here.

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