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Flooring from Bottle Lids - Sand Version

Create colourful flooring from waste

Done in 10 hours
Skill level easy

By repurposing bottle lids, you can give your floor a vibrant and unique look while helping the environment. It’s an affordable technique for shacks that are build on sand. You can use it indoors or outdoors and move it to another place as it is not firmly attached to the ground.

Published under CC:BY-SA by

RWTH Aachen University - Institute of Landscape Architecture

Authors · Albaraa Alsaadi, Irem Öztürk, Tjorven Sauerteig

What you need

Materials Needed for One Module (44cm x 44cm):

This instruction shows you the general technique. You can create flooring in any size you want. To create larger floors you need more bottle lids.

How to make it

Make a simple tool to make holes in the bottle lids

Heat the nail with the candle and insert it through the top of a bottle lid. If the nail becomes too hot, place a piece of fabric over the top of the bottle lid to protect against the heat.

Make holes in the bottle lids

Use your tool, to make holes in the bottle lids. Heat the tool and carefully poke holes in the lids. Each lids requires 4 holes. Each up, down, right and left. The holes should have a size of at least 2-3 mm.

Wear a mask to protect yourself from plastic fumes.

Make the first row of your module

Warm up the end of a 30cm long cord with a candle. Cut off the heated part and tie a knot at the newly cut end. Then, thread the cord through seven bottle caps to create the first row. To keep the caps in place, tie another tight knot at the end of the row. If the cord doesn’t go through the holes easily, heat the beginning of the cord with the candle flame. This will make it smoother to pull the cord through. Just be careful when using the candle!

This is how the beginning and ending of each row should look like.

Pull the cord through the other holes

Repeat the previous step seven times. Each time, lay the new row on top of the previous one to create a square shape. Cut seven more cords of the same length and tie a knot at the beginning of each one. Thread these cords through the remaining holes in the rows and tie them tightly at the end. Trim off any extra cord after tying the knots. Now you should have a square made up of 49 caps, all securely tied together.

This is how it looks when you are done with this step.

Complete the remaining modules and lay them out

Repeat the previous step until you have as many modules as you need for your home. Straighten the sand surface in your home before placing the modules on the ground. Lay them close together and press them into the sand.

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