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Shower Cabin

Build your own pop-up shower cabin for your home with just a few simple steps. The cool thing: it creates privacy and is easy to pack away when needed.

Done in 30 minutes
Skill level easy

Published under CC:BY-SA by

RWTH Aachen University - Institute of Landscape Architecture

Authors · Amelie Schmitz, Max Schröder, Merle Yilmaz

What you need

How you make it

Connect the shower curtain and hula hoop using the cable ties

Thread the cable ties through the eyelets of the curtain and around the hoop. Now tighten the cable ties. Use rope if you do not have cable ties.

Prepare the cabin for hanging

To hang the cabin you must first attach at least 2 strings to the Hola Hoop so that they cross in the middle. Tie the ends to the hoop.

Install a hook under your ceiling

To set up the shower cabin, position the hook at the desired location. Hang the cabin with the cable tie onto the hook. Place the shower tray below the cabin and put the bottom part of the curtain inside the tub. Done!

Optional: Install a solar shower device

Find the instruction for the solar shower here.

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