Abalimi Bezekhaya

Farmers of the home – promoting small scale urban farming

Our aim is to, firstly, combat poverty by growing food sustainably, using organic methods, at home and in community gardens and, secondly to provide support to the farmers in production planning, soil infrastructure, planning harvests, access to seeds and seedlings, vegetable transportation, and financial services to be able to run their micro farms.

Our core business is based on the following five pillars:

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Who we are

Abalimi Bezekhaya is a Voluntary Association, established in 1982 and formally constituted in 2002, lead by a Management Board. If you are based in Cape Town book a 3-day gardening course with us.

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…and what is dooiy?

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Think of dooiy as a mix of Instructables, You Tube and Pinterest but with detailed instructions and business models that are relevant to people in underserved communities and doable with local resources.

For our partners, we provide a digital platform to reach more people, connect with other organizations and easily create high-quality content

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For our users we provide easy and fun hacks that make life better. Just follow our simple step-by-step guides and create something for your home or community with little materials and tools. Want to start a business? dooiy might be the perfect starting point for you.

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