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Grey Water Sediment Filter

This grey water sediment filter removes dirt particles from grey water. You can use the clean water for your garden, cleaning, or flushing the toilet. If you further treat the filtered water with the SODIS filtering method, you might even cook or drink it (only if it’s free from chemicals, like laundry powder).

Done in 2 hours
Skill level basic

Published under CC0 by

Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia

Authors · Nina Maritz Architects, Eloolo Permaculture Initiative, Farm Okukuna, SAIS - Southern Africa Innovation Support, People's Process on Housing and Poverty in Zambia, Kambashu Institute

What you need

How you make it

Prepare the bucket No 2

Use the screw driver to make a few holes into the bottom of bucket No 2. The small holes will slow the flow of the water.

Cut a hole into the bottom and a bigger hole into the lid of bucket No 3

Cut a hole into the lid of bucket No 4

Cut up 3 old t-shirts

Collect and wash filter materials

Collect the filter materials. Wash them separately until the water comes out clean. The sand used needs to be similar to river sand (not clay or thick sand).

Prepare bucket No 3 with filter materials

Take bucket 3. Place the cut T-Shirt inside and add washed charcoal. Tie up the charcoal in the T-Shirt and turn upside down so that the knot is facing down. Repeat with sand and gravel. Around half of the bucket should be filled with charcoal and the other half equally with sand and gravel.

How to use it

Assemble the filtration system and filter your water


This instruction is result of the Living Permaculture Project. NIFTI - Namibia Innovation for the Informal. Supported by GIZ.

Download the pdf guide here.

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