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The Industrial Design course is one of more than 70 degree programmes at HTW Berlin. It addresses the entire design process of modern industrial products and processes - from the initial ideas to the technical implementation and the return to the material cycle. The course is practice-oriented with a strong focus on project work, which enables students to develop various communication and product development skills at an international level. We place a special emphasis on sustainability and universal design in all our modules and support students to work on socially relevant topics - e.g. the dooiy project.

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…and what is dooiy?

Marlene from dooiy

Think of dooiy as a mix of Instructables, You Tube and Pinterest but with detailed instructions and business models that are relevant to people in underserved communities and doable with local resources.

For our partners, we provide a digital platform to reach more people, connect with other organizations and easily create high-quality content

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For our users we provide easy and fun hacks that make life better. Just follow our simple step-by-step guides and create something for your home or community with little materials and tools. Want to start a business? dooiy might be the perfect starting point for you.

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