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Vertical wardrobe

Divide your room and store your clothes

Done in 5 hours
Skill level medium

This piece of furniture creates more privacy in your home. Additionally, it works as a wardrobe to store clothes.

Published under CC:BY-SA by

Industrial Design | HTW Berlin

Authors · Trung Nguyen, Kristina Obholz

What you need

The room divider consists of 3 parts. Depending on your needs, you can build more or less parts.

For every part you need the following materials:

Chris from dooiy

This is a great prototype! For permanent use it still needs some improvements. Please get in touch if you want to support us.

How you make it

Saw your wood

Saw 2 wooden beams of the same size - depending on the height of your ceiling. We took 190cm x 3cm x 5cm.

Saw 2 wooden beams of the same size for the middle part. We took 47cm x 3cm x 5cm.

Saw 4 wooden blocks of the same size for stabilisation of the construction. We took 4 blocks à 8cm x 3cm x 5cm.

Saw 4 wooden blocks of the same size as feet. We took 4 blocks à 10cm x 3cm x 5cm.

Put the wooden beams together

Place the the 4 wooden beams together on the ground and connect them with the nails. Use two nails on each side.


After putting the frame together, you have to stabilize it with the smaller wooden blocks on each corner (with glue or nails).

To make the whole thing more stable, you can also reinforce the construction with a crossbar.

Cut the fabric

Take the fabric of your choice. Cut the fabric so that it fits in the frame. If you use our measurements, you need 170cm x 40cm.

Then cut it like in the picture, so you can attach the fabric to the wooden frame you just created.

Attacht the feet

Before the room divider can stand on its own, we have to put some wooden blocks on there, two on each side, which means four in total.

Create pockets

Now create pockets to store clothing, toys or other things.

For each pocket you need: -2x pieces of fabric with the measurements: 25cm x 50cm (back & front) -2x pieces of fabric with the measurements: 10cm x 25cm (left & right) -1x piece of fabric with the measurements: 10cm x 50cm (bottom)

Sew the pieces together on the sides that you won’t see at the end. Then turn the bag inside out.

Cut a strip of fabric so that you can sew it in as a loop. Repeat this process to have a loop for each side.



This hack was developed in the dooiy project week @ HTW Berlin together with the community of eNkanini informal settlement in Cape Town.

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