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Check your home for safety: Electricity

11 Tips for a safer home

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Find out how safe you and your family members are in your home.

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Check: Electrical wires are kept far from any sources of heat, such as fires, stoves or candles

All plugs are wired correctly

A plug that is wired incorrectly can result in electric shocks, burns and fire. To wire a plug correctly, put the wires into the correct sockets and turn the screws to secure them. Once screwed in, gently pull the 3 wires to make sure that they are not loose.

Check: All wires are well insulated with no copper wiring exposed

If not, use insulation tape to wind around and cover any exposed copper wires. Turn off the power mains, before touching exposed wires.

Check: Our electrical wires do not run under carpets

Check: There are never more than 3 appliances in one plug socket at a time

If you have too many appliances plugged into one socket, pull out some of the plugs and only plug in an appliance when you want to use it. Warning: Overloaded plug sockets can cause fires and are a safety risk!

Check: We do not have electrical appliances in our bathroom or near water

Check: All members of our household know that they must never pull a plug out from the socket while it is still switched on, or by pulling on the electric cord

Check: All members of our household know that the applicance must be removed from the plug socket (with the socket switched off) before cleaning or fixing them

Check: We always switch off the light before changing a light bulb

Check: All members of our household know that they must never put bare wires or fingers into sockets

This can give you an electric shock.

Check: All members of our household know what to do in case of an electric shock

  • Disconnect the main switch. If this cannot be done, disconnect the electricity at the wall plug to which the appliance is connected. If possible, use a non-conducting object, like a wooden or plastic broom or chair, to switch off the electricity at the plug.
  • If the electricity cannot be disconnected, do not touch the victim, as you will also get a shock. Use a broom or chair to push the victim away from the electricity source.
  • Evaluate the victim’s breathing. Has it stopped or is it irregular? Check for a pulse and see whether the victim is conscious.
  • Call an ambulance if the person is unconscious, not breathing and/or you cannot detect a heartbeat. For cases like this, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with some basic first-aid techniques, such as mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and heart massage.
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