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A fun educational toy for your kids

Done in 20mins
Skill level basic

Stilts are a fun educational toy for your kids or learners. You can make them completely out of recycled materials. With stilts, children can improve their motor skills and balance.

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Author · Julie Hay

What you need

Bread bags, yoghurt cans and scissors
Bread bags, yoghurt cans and scissors

These stilts are made from yoghurt containers and bread bag plastic rope. You could also use stable metal cans and rope; in which case you also need something to make holes in your cans (e.g. with a hammer and a nail).

How you make it

Make 2 ropes

Make 2 ropes using 9 strands with 10 rings in each strand (follow skipping rope instructions).

If you do not have enough bread bags to make those ropes, you can also use a normal rope.

Select the number of yoghurt containers

Choose one or two per stilt depending on the weight of the children who will use them.

Mark your yoghurt containers and make holes

Make a mark near the base of the yoghurt container on opposite sides and make a hole with your scissors that is big enough for your rope to fit through.

If you are using 2, then put the second one inside the first, mark where the holes are, take it out and make holes that line up with those in the first container.

Thread your ropes

Thread your rope through one hole from inside the container/s so that the knot is on the inside. Thread it through the second hole from outside, and then tie another knot inside.

You made it! Congratulations!

How you use it

When the children walk on the stilts, the ropes must not come higher than their hips, so tie the rope in a knot at the top if the rope is too long.

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