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How to clean reusable sanitary pads

If you use reusable sanitary pads, it is important to wash them properly. Here, I show you how to do it. If you don’t wash them properly, you can catch bad infections.

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What you need

How you do it

Put your reusable sanitary pads inside clean water in a washing bowl

Soak them. The longer, the better! This helps to draw the blood out of the pads. Afterwards, drain the water out of the pads.

Wash the reusable sanitary pads with a bar soap or a powdered soap

Change the water before adding soap. Remove the blood stains by gently massaging in the soap.

Rinse the reusable sanitary towels in clean water

Wring them out well afterwards.

Hang the reusable sanitary towels on the washing line to dry

Dry them outside in the sunlight. The sun will also disinfect your sanitary pads. If you cannot dry them outside, make sure that they dry quickly.

Reuse it!

Reuse the fully dried sanitary pad. If you do not need it directly, store it in a clean space.


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