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Clip it clean

Make your own flexible handwashing facility for your kitchen.

Done in 45 mins
Skill level easy

Attach it easily to your existing furniture. This hack is great for street vendors, creches, and other places where handwashing is essential. It’s hygienic and operated with a pedal.

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Author · Gwendoline Loulé

What you need

How you make it

Cut the pipe in two pieces

Nail each pipe half to the shorter edge of the long planks

Cut off a small piece from each of the long planks

Attach the small pieces to the planks

Use nails. Then, hammer 2 nails directly in the big planks.

Attach the planks to your furniture / table

The nails and the wooden pieces will serve to hang the structure to the table or the kitchen module where the tap will be. If this doesn’t work, you can also nail the planks directly onto your furniture.

Assemble: Put the canister on the round rod and the round rod on the half-pipes

Prepare the pedal: Make a hole in the middle of the edge of the small wooden board

Here, you will attach the rope that is pulling the canister later on.

Fix 2 nails on the opposite side of the small wooden board

Hammer the nails one-third of the way and then bend them with pliers.

Hammer the nails onto the board

After the nails are curved like arcs, hammer them again to fix them in the board.

Create hinges

On the surface where the pedal will be fixed (make sure it’s a stable surface), hammer and bend nails just like in the previous step, but this time in a perpendicular direction. The curved nails should interlock and create a hinge.

For this instruction we used a wooden board because we did not have a surface where we could attach the pedal to.

Tie a rope to the hole of the pedal

Make 2 holes on the upper part of the canister

One at the front and one at the back. The front hole is where the water will come out. The back hole is important for the water flow.

Tie the other end of the rope to the neck of the canister.

Make sure the rope is not falling on the front of the canister but on the side where you will put your pedal. Then close the lid tight. Put a nail on the rod next to the handle of the canister (on the side where the pedal is) to stabilize it.

Adjust the lenght of the rope

In unused position the pedal should be almost vertical like on the picture.

How you install and use it

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